Private Clients

Private Clients

With 1:1 coaching and advisory, you’ll have a custom-designed wellness plan that integrates easily, with the support to execute it.   


We provide a tailored roadmap of strategies and practices that support your wellbeing that help you overcome roadblocks when you’re stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, mentally depleted, and on the verge of burnout. 


While addressing and working on current blocks, you’ll simultaneously create habits and strategies that support your wellbeing in a proactive manner. 


Coaching builds habits and strategies for resiliency, leadership, and overall wellness that reflects your success.  


Our approach to coaching is integrated. We take the scope of our knowledge to construct a tailored approach to the individual’s needs. We draw from an extensive wellness background in meditation, breath – work, yoga, Neuro Linguistic Programing, and mindset work. 


  • “Notable statistics:”  
    • A survey by the Global Wellness Institute found that when U.S. workers feel physically or mentally unwell, it affects many aspects of their work performance:
    • 62% say it affects their ability to get work done;
    • 63% say it affects their engagement in work;
    • 62% say it affects their motivation to do the job well. 
    • 69% said it affects their mental and emotional health;
    • 50% that it affects their physical health;
    • 36% that it affects their family lives;
    • 35% that it affects their relationships; 
Private Clients
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