Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

We roadmap your goals to create, deploy, and maintain a wellness plan that ultimately becomes a cornerstone of your culture that brings out the best of your team. 

Give your employees the tools and support, and you’ll experience an increase in productivity, engagement, loyalty, and your bottom line. Work with us to build a tailored strategy around your goals to build wellness seamlessly into your culture for enduring success. 

  • “More than 9 in 10 workers say they feel more motivated at their job if their leaders support well – being efforts.” – American Psychological Association 
  • “Having highly engaged employees can lead to a 202% increase in performance.” – Business2community 

Advisory and Coaching: 

Our 1:1 Coaching and Advisory allows founders and teams to easily move through roadblocks when they’re stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, mentally depleted, and on the verge of burnout, while also creating habits and strategies that support their wellbeing in a proactive manner. 

Coaching builds habits and strategies for resiliency, leadership, and overall wellness that reflects the company’s success.  

Our approach to coaching is integrated. We take the scope of our knowledge to construct a tailored approach to the individual’s needs.


Interactive Workshops & Workshop Series 

Theory is great, but we’re big on tangibility

Workshops dive deeply into a topic and extract the tangible tools, while also understanding the importance of topic principles. 

Designed to be engaging and informative, so you can take the knowledge and put it into action, our workshops are fun, effective, and participatory. Workshops are customized for a specific, desired outcome with tailored content for your audience. 

Each workshop is comprehensively designed. Workshop delivery can be accommodated by in person or virtual settings. 

30-day challenges and events. 

Events encourage engagement, creativity, 

Get people moving and motivated. We will construct, run and manage company events and challenges that bring wellness rewards. 

  • Pre and post-assessments.
  • We want to see people grow, so we measure success with data! 
  • Pair an assessment with a challenge to see how much growth happens.
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